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Create events for Free! We only Charge you for ticket sales.

Ticketing Service Ticketing is a great way to keep track of your ticket sales and validation. It's as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Create and List your event.
  2. Add ticketing for the event
    • Set different levels and price per level
    • Set the number of available tickets per level
    • Collect funds
  3. Use your mobile device to validate tickets when guests check in.

Optional feature for FREE:

  1. Print 'Name Tags' for guests.
  2. Export Guest list
  3. Advertise future events to past guests


BZeeBee Fees Processing Fees
Free Event Tickets Free Free
Selling tickets 1.5% ($10 max) plus $1.25 per ticket 3% for credit card processing

BZeeBee Service Fee

For every ticket you sell using BzeeBee, we charge 1.5% of the ticket value (max fee amount will not exceed $10.00) plus $1.25 per ticket. No matter how much you charge. NOTE: Sponsorship tickets that include more then one guest, will incur $0.75 more per additional guest.

Credit Card Processing Fee

When you collect money through BzeeBee 's standard credit card processing, we charge 3% of the ticket value. This can not be changed or discounted, they are the fees we are charged when we collect credit card payments.

Add fees to the ticket price or include in price

It's your choice on how you pay the fees. You can have your attendees pay for all fees by adding them on top of your ticket price. Or you can pay the fees by including them into the total price of the ticket.

How you get paid

Your funds are sent 5 business days after the event ends via direct deposit or mailed check.