Bzeebee, The Event Network

The Idea of BZeeBee: (Busy Bee) enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell tickets to any private or public event within the United States. And we make it easy for everyone to discover events, activities and to share the events they are attending or planing with the people they know or do not know.  The idea behind was to use the internet to connect people to events and activites.  We understand their are so many other websites that provide one type of services.  Meeting, Ticket sales, public events, private events, etc... Other sites target largescale events and concentrate on ticketsales ONLY, BZeeBee wants to help the all. no mater how small or how big the event is.  We have created the system to help the smaller guys promote thier events.  We care about the smaller communites that do not have the reach or the budget of the larger organizers. wants to be the  a house hold name for events. 

Compared to Social Networks:

Compared to most if not all online Social networking sites, they only promote to those logged into the service or are friends of those that shared it. BZeeBee is open to the public and does not require registration to those that are just browsing around.  Provate event can olny be viewed by the organizers and the those invited.  

Compared to News Papers:

Paper Print is rapidly slowing down and no longer brings value to all viewers. Most Newspapers and magazines are for the local or subscribed readers. BZeeBee does not require subscription or fees to view events. This is great for travelers that are planing a trip to visit other destinations. Travelers can visit BZeeBee and look up different cities and locations to view what are the current available activities in that city.

If the event is in a printed local newspaper, how wold a traveler know what newspaper to read or pick up. BZeeBee is the best answer. Additionally most events are put in the local newspapers a few days prior to the event. While BZeeBee posting an event is completely free and can be done well far in advance.

Compared to Organizer's Website:

Event Organizers can and should have their own sites with a list of events. Just like a social network, only those that know can find the information.  Most visitors may not know the actual URL of the organizer's website or event the organizer.  A well known site like its a central location for anyone to find events and activities.  The visitor only needs to let the site know what area they are interested in.